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Welcome To Yet Another of Malevolence's Guides: Gramar Nazing

and yes you guessed it right Firaga44 im Malevolence Crystalised


  • When Writing an Article Remember This (As I Walked near the sun, and watched its sight...) wrong

The Thing is When you put  , on a sentence remember if You have and because it may cause you to stick and make mistakes.   so as a Result You get

(As I Walked near the sun and watched its sight) is Correct

a friendly Reminder From Malevolence.

  • if You Use , Do not stick it (Buy some food im Hungry,okay) Correct

After using , Put a Space. (Buy Some food im Hungry, okay ) wrong

Got it Memorised? (boy this makes me Feel like Yuanchosaan...)maybe

  • The Same Rule Apply's with . Okay!

This Closes my First Guide!

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