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Ichii and Zero protecting Nina.

Examinee No.




November 11

Blood Type


First Appears In

The Princes who Fell from the Sky

Ichii is an examinee who partners with Zero. He uses Defense Magic. 07:18, August 18, 2013 (UTC)

Ichii is voiced by J. Michael Tatum in the English dub.

Meeting Zero Edit

Ichii first meets Zero in the streets. When Zero spys on him fighting other sorcerers, he runs up to Ichii, telling him he was very amazing in that fight and asks him to become partners. Without letting Zero finish his sentence,he hits him.A few seconds later,he decides that Ichii is his partner,but Ichii doesn't know it yet because he hasn't agreed.

Zero soon finds Ichii again outside Jeff's house,and Ichii falls into a fountain.Zero states that, "It must be destiny." because for the second time ,Zero and Ichii see each other again. Sarusa soon come outside and finds Ichii wet and dripping. Soon,Ichii finds out that Zero and Sarusa both know each other, because Zero is Jeff's younger brother. Again, Zero brings up Ichii being his partner so he chooses Ichii and takes advantage of Zero, telling him he needs money.