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April 2

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First Appears in

Here Comes His Fiancee!

Portrayed by

Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)

Kuku Is the so-called "fiance" of Zero and is partners with Toto. Kuku specializes in Animal Transformation Magic.

Background Edit

Not much is to tell about Kuku's past. All there is is that Kuku and Zero were to have an arranged marrage, set up by their parents. Eventually, Zero refused and went on with his dream to become a professional sorcerer. Kuku, however, haven't got over her feelings for Zero and eventually followed him to his school and, like Rokka, was obsessed with her fiance and didn't stop to get what she wanted.

Relationships Edit


Kuku was Zero's fiance, but by force. He states that,"Our parents decided that we should get married. I DIDN'T." Where she interupted,"It doesn't matter if our parents made the decision! A promise is still a promise!" Which clearly means that she doesn't care what Zero says. She still wants to marry him.


Toto is Kuku's partner and a boy who is secretly in love with Kuku. He's cared for her as long as he can remember, but when Kuku chases after Zero, his heart breaks just a bit. In the end he admits he likes Kuku and they end up together.

Trivia Edit

  • Kuku's name, by many fans, has thought to be derived from the term "cuckoo", meaning crazy. This is thought because of her obsession with her fiance.