# Title Original airdate English airdate
01 "The Princes Who Fell From the Sky"
"Sora Kara Futtekita Ouji-sama!?" 
July 1, 2006
Nina is a middle-schooler who is ready to fall in love with a strong, good-looking boy that she can rely on. Then, one day, two boys name Ichii and Zero fall from a magical world in the sky and are taking they're exam. They are looking for an item called the Crystal Pearl. Problem is, Nina has swallowed the crystal pearl and more sorcerer examinees are looking for it, and will possibly stop at NOTHING to get it. Although, there is a magical potion that is being brewed for Nina, but it takes 6 months to make it. So, from here on out, Zero and Ichii must protect Nina from the other examinees until the potion is ready.
02 "Sorry For the Sudden Intrusion!?"
"Ikinari, Ojamashimaasu!?" 
July 8, 2006
The two boys she met the other day, Ichii and Zero, transfer to Nina's school, and "stalk" her everywhere she goes. They even want to sit in the seats closest to her. Every girl in the school falls for the two, and become jealous when their attention only turns to Nina. When she finally is at peace and alone from Ichii and Zero, she gets attacked by two examinees that she actually saw yesterday, Forte and San.
03 "Kiss? Baby? Lollipop?!"
"Kisu? Baby? Lolipopp!?" 
July 15,2006
Two more examinees named Rokka and her partner (also her butler) Gou. Gou wants to get the crystal pearl, but Rokka's attention only turns to Ichii, and she even kisses him in front of Nina and her class. Once Ichii clears up that he must protect Nina, Rokka get jealous, and soon turns her (when Ichii and Zero are away) into a baby. Soon, Ichii gives a lollipop to Nina, which he has casted a spell on it that will protect her from magical attacks.
04 "Exciting Hot Spring-Sexy Legend!?"
"Dokidoki Onsen Sexy Densetsu!?" 
Nina and the others go to the hot spring and the other examinees attempt to capture Nina using many crazy methods. 
05 "San on July 17"
"7 Gatsu 17 Nichi no San" 
San and Forte go out shopping and remember when they first met. San had been accused of being a cursed child after her mother had an illness and was believed to have a strange power since birth. Forte befriends San shortly after they meet and tells her after her mother dies that he will always be besides San no matter what and that that will never change. 
06 "Mid-term Exam Panic!?"
"Chuukanshiken wa dai Panic!?" 
Nina is captured by Will, an inspector of the Magical Exam, and Will tells Zero, Ichi and the others that they must retrieve Nina from his clutches by sundown or they all fail. 
07 "The Summer Event Is Super Stimulating!?"
"Natsu no Gyoji wa Chou Shigekiteki!?" 
Nanase and Yakumo come to retrieve the Crystal Pearl and decide to scare the other examinees in the haunted house, which is where Nina and the others go. It appears Yakumo holds a grudge against Ichii and Nanase holds a grudge against Zero. 
08 "Nina is Zero and Zero is Nina!?"
"Nina ga Zero de, Zero ga Nina!?" 
Nina and Zero switch bodies after Nanase puts a spell on them and Nanase says if they don't handover the Crystal Pearl, he won't undo the spell. 
09 "Here Comes His Fiancée!"  
Zero's fiancee, Kuku, comes and attempts to have him come back home and marry her. He refuses and after Kuku sees him and Nina together, she decides to cast a spell on him and Nina, turning them both into animals. Still refusing to marry her, Kuku decides to put a spell on the whole school until her partner, Toto, comes to stop her and tells her he has always loved her. 
10 "Zero and Ichii - The Meeting and the Bond!"  
Zero and Ichii explain how they first met and that Ichii was once a very bad person until he met Zero. It also shows Ichii used to love his stepsister, Sarasa who married Zero's older brother, Jeff. 
11 "The Last Present?"  
Christmas has arrived and it is about time for Zero and Ichii to go, which makes Nina depressed. Zura, Ichii and Zero's assistant, says he can erase Nina's memories of all the fun times they had together if he uses her lollipop Ichii gave her but Nina decides that she wants to always be with them. 
12 "Goodbye, My Wonderful Princes!"  
Well, as the Sorcerer's Test comes to an end, Nina decides to let the Crystal Pearl free but when she frees it, it becomes the horrid Black Pearl! What will Nina Do? 
13 "Comeback! Save Me! Lollipop"  
Nina chooses to stay with Ichii and Zero and help them fight The Black Pearl. They win the battle. Now they have to train Nina to become a Sorcerer. Fran-Fran/Sailor Moon productions