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Rei is the son of Nina and Zero. Unlike other children, he calls his mother and father by their first names instead of "Mom" or "Dad." He is the neighbor of Itsuki, who clearly has a crush on him.


Modotte! Mamotte! Lollipop! Edit

The starts at chapter 19.5. It starts off with a picture of Itsuki hugging Rei. Eventually she mentions her and her family and Rei and his. It then skips off to her sneaking into Rei's bedroom, ready for her to tell Rei good morning. When Rei wakes up, he is suprised to see Itsuki waiting for him to wake up. When Itsuki sees that Rei is awake, she rushes to hug him before his eyes are even open. She holds hi very tightly, when Rei says that,"I can't change my clothes!", leading Itsuki to take them off for him by force. The buttons all snap off while she take them off, though. Soon she sees a shirtless Rei about to cry, but she exclaims,"You're so cute. Can I take a photo of you with my cell phone!?" Soon Rei gets furious and pushes Itsuki out of his room.

The story continues with Rei and his family in the kitchen, but he freaks out whe he sees Itsuki sitting with his family having breakfast. He asks why Itsuki is having breakfast with his family and Zero asks why it isn't. Itsuki sut in and yells, " I think this is fate, Rei!" And Rei thinks to himself why his childhood friend is a pervert.

Modotte kitchen

Itsuki, Rei, and Rei's family in the manga.