San profile pic
San enjoying a piece of cake.


Sorcery Student

Examinee No.





February 29



First Appears in

The Princes who Fell from the Sky!

English Voice Actor

Monica Rial

Japanese Voice Actor

Momoko Saito

San is examinee no.003 and the partner and cousin of Forte. She uses Summoning Magic and she will usually make Forte very mad, but in the end it turns out well.

In the English dub, San is voiced by Monica Rial.

Background Edit

As a little kid, it has been said that San is a cursed child. By staying by her mother's side, San's mother grew very sick, seeming that she has powers unable for her control. At a party at San's and Forte's grandfather's house, she aimed a giant bird to fly at Forte, causing a commotion at the party. Forte closed his eyes, and when he opened them, San was smiling, and feathers were falling down. San runs off,and while Forte still wonders about her, he succeeds in finding her, he talks to her, being her only friend. While they play "games", Forte runs away from San, leading himself into a room with a young lady in it. Forte calls San, and she finds her mother, having a bigger smile on her face. A few seconds later, her grandfather barges in, pulling both San and Forte away from the woman.

Back in the woods, San said that her mother said that keeping a smile on your face will make good things happen, revealing that San only smiles just to make her mother feel better.

The next day, everybody is at the graveyard, blaming San for why her mother had died. Forte soon yells at them that San is not cursed, and runs off, pulling San into the woods. Forte comforts her and tells her it is ok to cry, and for the first, and last time, San cryed. Forte vowed to keep her safe and be her friend, no matter what and San's life has been happier ever since.

Relationships Edit

Forte Edit

San and Forte met 7 years ago on July 17, when their grandfather threw a party. Ever since San's mother died, Forte has always taken care of San, protecting her, no matter what happens. They end up together in the end

Nina Edit

Nina and San share their relationship like sisters, eating cake and talking nicely to each other. Yet, San will still try and get the Crystal Pearl from her, making it seem like she is Very happy about hurting her friend.