Q-R Mamotte Lollipop ep 04 DivX5
Zero,preparing to use Magic Cannon

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Blood Type B

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The Princes who Fell from the Sky

he is also 12 years old

Zero is one of the main characters of the Save Me! Lollipop series. He is the partner of Ichii,and they both work together to protect Nina and the Crystal Pearl. Zero specializes in Destruction Magic. In the English dub, he is voiced by Eric Vale.

Relationships Edit

Ichii: Ichii and Zero met each other by Ichii's stepsister, Sarasa. They share their relationship like brothers and work together to protect the Nina and the Crystal Pearl.

Nina:When Nina and Zero first meet each other, they throw insults very often, but soon, Zero seems to show affection for Nina.

Kuku:Kuku and Zero were forced to become married, yet they haven't. When Kuku finds Zero and is introduced in the series for the first time, she becomes crazy about him, making Nina jealous until Toto reveals his love for Kuku.

Nanase: A long time ago,Nanase was treated very nicely, because all the boys thought he was a girl. Soon later, Zero hit Nanase with his skateboard and soon revealing that "she" is actually a "he". Ever since,he has tried everything to get back at Zero.